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from 16 June 2020

Organica @IsolaDD18

Here the responses of “Organica”, that exposed in Milan Design Market, to our questions! What is “Orgánica” and what does it stand for? Orgánica is the result of 10 years of trials and research into the manufacture of digital technologies. We create decorative pieces inspired in the complex shapes of nature and the affordances of emerging means of production. We create products that merge the artistic with the practical. Every shape found in nature is unique, authentic, and beautiful. We don’t hold back in finding creative resources, we distance ourselves from geometric shapes and allow for randomness, coincidence and flawed beauty. We draw from the attractions we find in nature and we use t

Milan Design Market @IsolaDD18

After the great success of the last Design Week with more than 13,000 visitors, this year too Milan Design Market is proving to be one of the main events of our Isola, and if you have not had the opportunity to pass on via Pastrengo, 14, don’t worry, there is still time! The location is always the same, a wonderful 400 square meter space inside Gianni Rizzotti Photography Studio, but the format of this third edition has been completely revisited, with 5 areas dedicated to startups and design studios’ owners, and a new Pop-Up Concept Store where visitors will be able (until tonight) to admire and even buy in a central cashier desk the products of young Italian and international emerging desig


Stecca 3.0 will host the main info point and the press lounge dedicated to journalists, becoming the Headquarter of the District and hosting numerous initiatives that will involve all visitors and inhabitants. Among the sponsors that contributed to setting up the outdoor area near Stecca 3.0, there is also HW STYLE S.R.L., a leading landscape contractor certified ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, which is specialized in designing, building and taking care of public and private green spaces, both internal and external. Thanks to the expertise of two hundred employees, HW STYLE offers an integrated service throughout Italy, Switzerland and Qatar, from consultancy works to the supply of furnishings and t

Source @IsolaDD18

The second edition of Isola Design District is starting right now! Among the confirmations compared to 2017, we also find Source with a new role of Agency of services and communication, that is presenting in the cultural centre run by the Association ZONA K an event/exhibition about circular economy, sustainability (both of product and process) and technology, involving 41 designers and 12 firms. LOVELY WASTE won’t just be a prototype of the new service provided by Source to support firms in the development of new best practices, but also the first of a series of events through which it will be having the role of connector between designers and companies. The nucleus of the exhibition is the

e-work @IsolaDD18

This year e-work, an agency that has always been attentive to young people and to the innovations of the labor market, has joined Isola Design District too. The Job Center branch located on via Melchiorre Gioia, 35 (c/o Palazzo Regione Lombardia) will host the project A timeless desk by Eduardo Otero Rodríguez, a talented designer who uses a human approach that is best suited to satisfy people’s needs, always looking for functional and emotional connections between men and design objects. His desk fully embodies a new way of living the working space, within open areas dedicated to co-working activities; a new philosophy that has been adopted by the most advanced companies in recent years. It

Italianway @IsolaDD18

Italianway, the largest hospitality company and one of the leading Property Managers in the city of Milan, will present its interior design project by opening its four-hundredth apartment to the public during Fuorisalone 2018. Castillia 20 – The Secret Garden House is a magical house, located inside Biblioteca degli Alberi park and overlooking the Vertical Forest: a small “naturalistic” nest in the urban context of Isola neighborhood, where the elegance of furnishings and high technology at the service of home automation allow guests to live a true local experience halfway between the city and its green areas. Each side of the house guarantees a particular view. Opening the door, you are in

Galleria Giuseppe Pero hosting Marble Stories @IsolaDD18

On the occasion of Milano Design Week, Italian-Brazilian designers Giorgio Bonaguro, Gustavo Martini and Ronald Scliar Sasson have decided to develop a collective exhibition project in which their styles will interact to create a common thread between Brazil and Italy, telling different stories around a single, precious element: marble. Guided by the same materials and the same sources of inspiration, they will exhibit independent but interconnected projects, representing many voices of an evocative choral ensemble in which products will be connected to each other by conceptual and formal characteristics, still managing to express the stylistic uniqueness that has always distinguished these

Caracol Studio @IsolaDD18

Caracol studio, young start-up specialized in digital manufacturing technologies within the Innovation Hub Como Next , will be back in the shade of Vertical Forest with its new, interesting project, a 3D Printed Playground for children, whose components will be printed in 3D by a robotic arm called KUKA KR16 during the entire duration of Milano Design Week. The kids will be allowed to play on this area, and there will also be a workshop to participate in the relevant phases of the production that will lead to finished products, already prototyped by Caracol with desktop 3D printers. To make the prints, the robot sinuously follows a path that derives from a particular parametric design proces

Castellani Top Design @IsolaDD18

The space at the ground floor of Frida, one of the most iconic location in Isola, will host from April 17th to 22nd the furniture collection We believe in Angles and Straight Lines, created by Tuscan company Castellani Top Design in partnership with NO CURVES, the only Italian exponent of Tape Art who started prestigious collaborations with international brands and art galleries. Guided by industrial raw materials, they have managed to boldly combine the DNA that have always defined the stylistic code of their design projects: on one side, metal worked by hand and connected through the characteristic "C" folding, on the other, coloured adhesive tapes chosen by NO CURVES as his medium of expr

Key Gallery hosting ELITE TO BE @IsolaDD18

Focusing on quality and design to interpret the new contemporary lifestyles, Italian furniture brand ELITE TO BE, under the creative direction of Matteo Beraldi, will set up an experiential installation at Key Gallery on via Borsieri, 12. CONVIVIUM will give life to a new concept of domestic conviviality, offering different ideas to reflect on future hybrid living contexts that will soon characterize the daily dimension of our lives, in relation to the continuous evolution of our globalized society. Three different scenarios will be represented, ideally located in three distinct geographical contexts: Milan, London and Hong Kong. Each one will be the place of a specific moment shared between

neubau @IsolaDD18

neubau eyewear is an independent, lifestyle eyewear brand. All our frames are designed, developed and manufactured in Austria. The brand name neubau is an homage to creative hubs such as Vienna’s Neubau district, located in the heart of the capital. Our glasses embody contemporary design, extravagant colourways, as well as premium quality and perfect wearing comfort for everyday life. We are inspired by fashion, architecture and culture in general. The special edition Sigmund & Carl is a unique sunglass frame that blends the distinct eyewear styles of the great psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung into one design. The round sunglasses model is made out of stainless steel and our

Architecture in Fashion @IsolaDD18

At Isola Design District 2018, there will also be Architecture in Fashion, the first platform to sell only architectural wearables, that is presenting on via Pastrengo, 2, a capsule collection of clothes, bags and accessories made by international designers from architecture and fashion industries, aiming to cross the borders of classic fashion with new high-tech stylistic trends. A clothing inspired by architecture, and an architecture that is involved in fashion design through an “architectural” way of thinking: all their products are characterized by marked proportions and swooping angles, showing an extreme attention to shapes and details. Textiles often give way to raw and ecological ma

eiDesign @IsolaDD18

Latin America will be another great protagonist of the second edition of Isola, thanks to the projects Latinoamerican Contemporary Design and Tradición Contemporánea respectively organized at Stecca 3.0 and Milan Design Market by eiDesign, a platform for the promotion of Spanish-Latin scenery in Italy, in collaboration with From April 17th to 22nd, a collective group of South American designers will animate the interior spaces of our new Headquarter, combining contemporary design trends with the historical cultural identity of each represented country, from Brazil to Ecuador, passing through Colombia and Mexico, togheter in an exhibition of avant-garde products - characterized by

Brut @IsolaDD18

BRUT is much more than just a group of six emerging designers coming from Belgium; it is a creative context allowing each designer to articulate and transcend his or her individual qualities, an attempt to co-define the circumstances useful to show the architectural, sculptural and emotional potential of their creations, inside the same setting. Ben Storms, Bram Vanderbeke, Cedric Etienne, Charlotte Jonckheer, Linda Freya Tangelder and Nel Verbeke have chosen Milano Design Week for their official debut on the Italian scene, with the exhibition Bold Movements & Emotions Beyond Functionality that will be set up at Spazio Maraniello on Viale Stelvio, 66. Its leitmotif will be a combined use of

Blue Note Milano @IsolaDD18

With more than 350 events hosted in a year, its dense weekly calendar and perfect settings for private events and public shows, Blue Note Milano is defined as one of the most important jazz music club in Europe (and more), a restaurant, lounge bar and Italian clubhouse part of the famous network Blue Note, along with the ones in New York, Tokyo, Beijing and Honolulu. On April, 17th, American drummer E.J. Strickland and his Quintet of talented musicians coming from all over the world will launch the first of the three special evenings organized during Milano Design Week; Furthermore, the refined concert by jazz singer Joyce Elaine Yuille is planned for April, 20th and the closing event will b

Interiors @IsolaDD18

“Elegance, hidden high technology and simplicity”. These are the formal characteristics the merchandising manager of Interiors, a well-known furniture company based in Tokyo, chose to define the interior design aesthetics of the Japanese style, in an interview released for our blog in May, 2017. And this year, the collective exhibition that will be set up from April 17th to 22nd at Yoroom seems to confirm them too. Thought for living and working spaces, the minimalistic furnishing accessories designed by Victor Carrasco, Tomoya Tabuchi e Tomoyuki Sakakida efficiently express the brand philosophy they represent, always focused on an extraordinary attention to details and raw materials, while

RivaViva @IsolaDD18

Craftsmanship, health and sustainability will be the protagonists of the Design Week thought by RivaViva, an hystorical furniture brand always sensitive to environmental issues and creative initiatives, that is launching a prize to assign to the best ecological furniture which will be exhibited in its showroom, the First RivaViva Eco Awards. During the Open Day on April, 19th, journalists and visitors will be able to visit the exhibition space from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., choosing their favourite creation between the eco-sustainable woodwork furniture by RivaViva and the interior accessories by the designers of “Scuola di Sarajevo”-signed by characters such as Salih Teskeredzic and Mustafa

Galleria Giovanni Bonelli with Nero Design hosting Gianni Pettena and Duccio Maria Gambi @IsolaDD18

Gianni Pettena is a famous Italian architect, a leading figure in the European academic world and one of the founding members of architettura radicale, an architectural movement born in Florence in the '60s. Duccio Maria Gambi is a multi-faceted, “heterogeneous” interior designer based in Paris but rased among the suggestions of postmodern architecture at the University of Florence, before, and then at the Polytechnic of Milan. What do they have in common? Certainly, the research of new design techniques , a cross-cutting view on the 20th century art scene, and a professional career characterised by international exhibitions and awards, that is leading them to Galleria Giovanni Bonelli durin

Ambroeus @IsolaDD18

If there is a place in Isola where the leitmotif of Rethinking Materials is fully realized, this is Ambroues, the vintage and second hand shop selected by “The New York Times” as one of the five places to visit in the neighbourhood, that since 2015 has been looking at the philosophy of re-using things as a new ethical way to experience and consume fashion, with a keen eye on the quality of the products selected and sold through the buy&sell system. Did you know that around 80 billion new garments are consumed in the world every year? A huge number, which is about 400% more than the amount we had only 20 years ago. In the past, clothing was considered a precious commodity designed to last for

NVK Design by Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef @IsolaDD18

Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef is the protagonist of a story characterised by individual talent and sperimentation, environmental awareness and love for beautiful things. Born in London in 1966 and graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan, she founded the architectural studio Archimuse&Partners and her own NVK Architecture&Design Studio, co-writing in 2002 the Slow Design Manifesto, a model for designing bespoke furnishings and products able to express the real meaning of useful “tools”, always respecting the international standards of protection and environmental sustainability. Thanks to Slow Design principles applied to the fashion world, Natasha created NVK Daydoll,

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